Shop with us! Toss On Totally Tucson Desert Wear for Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Shop with us! Toss On Totally Tucson Desert Wear for Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
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Welcome to the many facets of Tucson's lifestyle! I'm "Totally Tucson", a lifestyle blogger on Twitter and Instagram. I've got a big crush on Tucson and I share my city daily with everyone on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Join me! Totally Tucson on Twitter  Totally Tucson on Instagram

Every day I insatiably venture into this gorgeous high desert paradise. I'm in a constant state of discovery for this city I love. I created my new online shopping site based on what I love about Tucson, and clothing that I would feel most comfortable in, and have the most fun. Browse through my new desert-wear T-shirts and other items to keep your love for Tucson alive at all times!

About Tucson: Today Tucson has transformed from a small town into a vibrant modern city (about 1M population) that's gained international recognition for advances and awards in gastronomy, technology, astronomy, business and urban growth. The fact that it has retained the deep roots of its original culture in agriculture, heritage, and traditions over the past 4,000 years makes Tucson's heritage that much more meaningful today. And that's why Tucson was chosen to be the first City of Gastronomy by Unesco - a high honor on the world stage. Three not-to-be-missed celebrations each year on the heritage and heart of Tucson are: Tucson 23 Mexican Food Festival in June, and Agave Heritage Festival in April/May, and All-Souls Procession in November.

Here at Totally Tucson we honor Tucson's new modernism with a contemporary logo. Branding designer Jim Lienhart created this for us in original art and applied it to our products. It's a saguaro cactus, universally thought of as the symbol of Tucson. He also designed all the #Tucson-themed fashion and product designs you see on this site. Here's his story of how he created our logo: Designer's comments.











  Carol Blomstrand,

 AKA Totally Tucson.