Shop with us! Toss On Totally Tucson Desert Wear for Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
Shop with us! Toss On Totally Tucson Desert Wear for Adventures in the Sonoran Desert
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We're proud of our logo! But you're probably wondering why we didn't just a put a regular green saguaro as our logo. After all, the towering majestic saguaro is Tucson's iconic unofficial logo, and locally and universally recognized in Arizona where most of the saguaros grow on this earth. So, along with all the other back stories we've heard from saguaro lovers, here's our designer's interpretation of the one he designed for our logo. By the way, Jim Lienhart is one of those highly accomplished professional world branding experts who is so modest that he hardly wants recognition for his work. But we're so in love with his logo that we're going ahead, nevertheless, and mentioning his beautiful modern saguaro logo rendition for us and posting his comments below about what saguaros mean to him. Contact me if you have any questions:


"Saguaros are exotic and charismatic creatures that are lodged in our imagination. They extend their arms to the sky rejoicing the wonders of their life in the Sonoran desert and beckon us to come join them. When you see a large group of them you can’t help but feel they're all waving to you and talking among themselves in their silent language. Saguaros are living symbols of the West, where freedom and personal identity are sought-after qualities. They've appeared in most Western movies. Thousands of saguaro images are in all forms of photography and art. Our symbol for Totally Tucson is a tribute to the saguaro's lasting beauty and mystery. It is my contemporary design salute to the new modern city that Tucson has become."

You can see Jim Lienhart's work as a designer on his website: Lienhart Design